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Sunday, 30 January 2011

The one with the slippers

Earlier on in the week I fell up my own stairs! 

If I said I tripped on a toy that had been left on one of the steps, or that I had been in a hurry to get to the phone, my fall up the stairs would be a little understandable.  But, it would also be a lie.

You see, I wasn't in a hurry, and the stairs were free from clutter.  I simply tripped over my own feet.  Or, to be more precise, my own slipper!  And what makes the fall even more embarrassing, is the fact that it has happened before, several times in fact.

Obviously, the fault lies with the slippers.  They are just over a year old now, and have become worn and stretched.  They no longer fit my feet well, and therefore have a tendency to fall off my feet as I lift them to ascend the stairs.  Yes, the slippers are to blame!

However,  I am all too aware of the saying 'a good workman never blames their tools' and wonder whether I therefore need to accept a little of the blame myself?  Can I really lay the blame on my slippers when it is I who choose to wear them?  I know they have stretched and no longer fit my feet.
I need to throw them out and buy a new pair.  Simple.  But, I like my old slippers.  They are really soft, warm and comfortable; they are like old friends to my feet!

The slipper incident reminded of several stressful shopping trips with my eldest son.  Although his old trainers had become too small for his growing feet, he found it very difficult to replace them.  Each new pair that he tried on was met with 'they are not as comfy as my old ones!'  With growing frustration, I tried to convince him that new trainers were needed, and although they may feel different, and perhaps a little uncomfortable at first, they would soon wear in and fit perfectly.  Thankfully, after much persuasion, a day or two of slight discomfort, and maybe even the need of a plaster, the new pair of trainers are liked, comfortable, and a good fit.  In no time at all, the old trainers are forgotten about and the new ones take their place.

I wonder how many times we hold on to things in our lives, that really need to be thrown out and replaced?   Yes, we may miss the old, and the new may be uncomfortable for a while, but eventually we will realise we have a better fit. 

Although I have focused on footwear, the challenge of replacing old with new is relevant in many areas of life.  Your 'slippers' may be something entirely different.  What do you have in your life that is no longer a perfect fit? 

Can I encourage you to consider trading in the old for a new?  Yes, it may be difficult to let go, especially if you have held on to the old for a long time, but if God has something new for you to take, you can be sure that it will become a perfect fit.  It may be a little uncomfortable at first; it may even feel awkward and possibly a little scary -  But as we let go of the old and trust God in the new we will slowly but surely recognise that God has a plan, and he knows what is best for us.  Just as a parent provides a child with new shoes to accommodate their growth, God will provide new roles, challenges and ministries to allow us to continue to develop into all that He has created us to be and do. 

What is God challenging you to replace today?  At the moment it may be comfortable and easy - but holding on to the old will not encourage healthy development.  God has something new.  Are you prepared for a little discomfort whilst you 'wear in' the new, in order to allow God to shape and develop you further? 

Don't stay in shoes you have outgrown.   Go on a shopping trip, enjoy the experience, and see what your new shoes will bring :) 


  1. Trading an old shoes for a new pair would be interesting. I hate it when I can no longer wear my joya shoes because I've grown up but if someone else could find it useful, I would be happy.

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  3. This is true even in old jewelry. Look for gold buyers in long island.


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