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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

40 days of blogging

After a fantastic day with the Youthwork Magazine Team on Monday (I am sure you will hear more about this shortly)  I have decided to attempt to blog every day for the Lent period. I can't promise that the posts will be long, profound, or even interesting for that matter - but it's something I believe I will benefit from personally.  I love writing, but I lack confidence in my ability and am painfully slow at creating each sentence.  So, my hope is that as I force myself to sit down and write a little each day, I will learn how to 'create' at a slightly more productive speed without getting too tied down with each word and allow the sentence or even paragraph space to speak for itself.

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I am thinking over the writing advice of Ernest Hemingway to 'Write drunk, edit sober.'  Interesting. Whilst I don't intend to engage in a cheeky drinking session before writing, the concept of sitting down and just letting thoughts flow without scrutinising every word that appears on the screen intrigues me. I think it could work. 

So, this is the plan.  Write away.  Don't over-edit during the initial process but let the mind and fingers dance together with a great degree of freedom. The choreography can wait. 

I'm too tired to write any more now - but before I 'failed' at my attempt to write every day for Lent on the first day - I thought I should at least post a very brief introduction to this series.  Now that is done, I can quickly add this short piece to my blog, and tiptoe quietly away.

Tomorrow, when 'sober' I will no doubt read over these words and cringe.  But that's tomorrow, and I will deal with it then!

Time for bed.  Goodnight.

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