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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Communion Thoughts - (Nicola Ayres)

Way back in the Summer Holidays I emailed Nicola Ayres, a friend and member of our congregation, and asked her whether she would be willing to lead us (Wessex Christian Fellowship) in Communion on the 13th October.  The response ...

'Umm, eek, heart just sunk! Will think about it, normally I say yes cos take it that when I'm asked God normally wants me to do!'

Despite Nic's fear of speaking at the front, and concerns over getting emotional when doing so, she bravely and obediently agreed to step out of her comfort zone and lead us in The Lord's Supper.

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Last Sunday, half way through the service, Nicola stood up, took the mic ... and with an honesty and openness that can only be respected, led us on a journey that encouraged us to reflect on Christ's love and death in preparation to take the bread and the wine.

Yes, she was nervous, and as she suspected, she did get a little emotional, but her words, her passion, her thankfulness and vulnerability before the Lord were beautiful.

Today, as many of us meet once again to share at the Lord's table, perhaps Nicola's words will also inspire and encourage you ...

(Copied from Nic's notes)

'Before I start my thoughts on communion I'd like to say I wrote it a good couple of weeks ago with the intention to revisit it over the weekend, but with the exciting news of the baby, Shaun being away and the children having friends to visit it got overlooked til this morning. 

When I read my words I wondered if they were to strong and was about to edit but on my bible app the verse that flashed up upon opening was James 3:13- 'who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in humility that comes from wisdom.'

I'm not saying I am wise but I will be obedient and for this reason I shall read what I wrote.

This simple command that we follow most weeks is possibly at times taken for granted.

Translating communion into our daily lives is often the tricky part, daily life can often be a roller coaster of chores and needs and before we know it God hasn't entered our minds.

I'm not suggesting we break bread everyday but communion is the perfect time that we set aside where we communicate with God and thank him for the opportunity to have relationship with him. That opportunity was God's plan, him sending Jesus and Jesus following instructions even though those instructions were unjust and painful.
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I cannot imagine knowingly and willfully accepting what Jesus took on.  His death on the cross is truly beyond words and something which I am thankful for.

So, just as Jesus did in Matthew 26 we shall take bread and drink wine as we have been shown to do and I would just like to pray a prayer of repentance.
Please take my prayer as yours if you like or use this opportunity to commune with God.

Please forgive me Lord where I have failed and I am sorry for any disappointment this has caused, sorry for not spending as much time with you as I should, for not always doing the things that I should and for sometimes choosing the wrong things to do. My words will never be enough to express gratitude for what you did,  I praise you and thank you. Please continue to work in me and help me to see you in my everyday life, help me to glorify you in all that I do and may my daily coming and goings be testimony to you and what you mean to me.


Today, be reminded that God loved you so much, that he sent his Son Jesus to the cross for you, for the forgiveness of your sins and because of Jesus' obedience and sacrifice you can once again enjoy a beautiful relationship with your Creator.  Be blessed!

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