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I love how our day-to-day life can teach us lessons to help us understand our past, challenge our today, and inspire our future. We can learn through experiences, situations, conversations, songs, books, nature ... the list is endless! Live with eyes ready to see, ears ready to hear and a heart ready to be touched.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The one with the handprints

Yesterday at Twinkling Stars Toddler Group we made handprints.  I say 'we' deliberately, as I also decided to put my hands in the paint!  'Such fun!'

My Handprints - to remind me how quickly I am growing up!! :)  

The handprints joined a poem about growing up and were named and dated before going through the laminator.  The children enjoyed getting their hands messy, and the parents were pleased to have a record to keep of their little one's hands.  A perfect mornings work!

So, why did I choose to join in the fun?  Because I am all too aware at the moment of how quickly time goes by and how much we can lose if we do not make the most of the opportunities we are presented with.  Carpe Diem and all that!

The circumstances that led to this reflection?     A pair of shoes!

Most of you will know that when I say 'shoes' - I am not referring to the 'shiny heeled lady variety', but pumps.  Yes, I will admit to having a slight obsession with Converse.  For the last 3 months I have been searching for a pair of green Converse to add to my collection.   With all the different Converse colours around this may sound a simple mission.  It was not!  Having searched far and wide it appears this particular shade of green (it had to be just right!) is not being made by Converse in this country at the moment.  Even the online Converse shop let me down!  Sadly, I had to abort the mission.

That is, until I spotted a pair of green Converse style pumps in Superdry a few weeks ago.  They were the perfect colour!  Despite the obvious fact they weren't real Converse, I decided to give them a chance.  They fit well, were on par with Converse price, and looked great.  Fantastic.

I am now a proud owner of green pumps - the perfect colour to wear with several of my favourite tops.  End of story?  Not quite ...

These pumps are actually amazingly comfortable.  I would even go so far as to say they are a bitter fit and feel than Converse - and I don't say that lightly!  They also come in a few different colours - one of which is a particularly nice shade of blue.  I kept walking past the blue pumps admiring them, but could not justify buying myself another pair.  But I had a plan!  They would make a perfect Wedding Anniversary present :)

Content with this plan, I admired them from a distance.  It wouldn't be long until they were mine.

And then ... the blow came.   When we eventually went to buy them, they didn't have my size.  They weren't getting any more in.  The other stores nearby didn't have them.  The online shop didn't have them.  In fact - nowhere in the country had the right size and colour in stock.  And what is more, they wouldn't be getting any more in!  The summer stock had been sold off to make way for winter.  That was it.  I had left it too long and now the opportunity had gone.  Gutted.

Whilst this experience only involves a pair of pumps, it does remind us how opportunities can be missed if we do not take them when they arise.  How many chances to try new things, to develop, to encourage, to learn, to love etc, have been missed due to waiting for tomorrow? 

What is it you have in your life right now that, for whatever reason, you keep putting off? 

Can I encourage you to consider why you are waiting? Are the reasons valid?  Will waiting really help or hinder?

I missed out on a pair of blue pumps this time, but what will it be next time?  I want to be all I can be.  I want to continue to develop my character.  I want to experience new things. 

I leave you with a little something that may help you to seize the day - A 'Round Tuit'

Roman version of the Round Tuit medallion

This is a round tuit. Guard it with your life! 
Tuits are hard to come by, especially the round ones. 
It will help you become a much more efficient worker. 
For years you've heard people say "I'll do that when I get a round tuit." 
So now that you have one, you can accomplish all those things you put aside until you got a Round Tuit.


  1. I've set the round tuit as my desktop background to remind me to stop procrastinating and get on with it (whatever "it" happens to be at that particular wasted moment)!

  2. Good words -- and I am insanely jealous of your Converse collection. :-) Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

  3. How's the 'Round Tuit' working out Dan?
    Laura - I have to admit that the Converse photo on my blog isn't mine. Perhaps I should take one though - hmmm - I can feel a Converse blog coming on :) Have a great day! Jo


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