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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cheap as ... salt?

Over the last week I have posted several reflections on 'salt' from Matthew 5.  It has definitely been seasoning my thoughts!  And, as I received an email containing the latest edition of the GB Assemblies of God weekly E-News, it would seem I am not the only one ...

Ian Watson, member of the AoG National Leadership Team, shares his thoughts ... (copied with permission)

'Why Salt?

It is interesting in Matthew 5 that Jesus likens his followers to one of the cheapest items in the supermarket – Salt!

Is he suggesting that we are cheap or only equivalent to throw away stuff? Not at all, to liken us to salt is an incredible compliment. Why?

Well salt is concentrated, it only takes a little amount to make a big difference - the old term used is ‘a pinch of salt’. I’m convinced that Jesus is suggesting that we are far more influential than we think. Someone once said ‘One with God is a majority. God is into Synergy. One can put a hundred to flight and two can handle a thousand.’

Salt is also distinctive. As a child at school, I remember putting salt in the sugar bowl. Soon facial expression highlighted the distinctiveness. Distinctive is what we are called to be. The bible says do not let the world squeeze you into its mould.

Another benefit of salt is that it is a preservative. Once before freezers were in existence, meat used to be preserved by rubbing blocks of salt into the carcass of the animal, this in turn slowed down the process of decay. That is exactly the impact that God desires us to have in our world today. As we come into contact with people in a spiritual sense, we rub shoulders with them and something of our lifestyle should influence them. Jesus came into contact with Zacchaeus, the woman at the well, the woman caught in the act of adultery and he immediately brought change thus halting the process of decay.

In all the complexities and challenges of leadership we must never forget the simplicity and effectiveness of being salt that brings savour to blandness. Amen!'

Ian Watson
National Leadership Team
(10th January 2012)

So ... salt may be one of the cheapest products in the supermarket ... but the difference it makes is priceless!!  

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  1. For the most part, I agree with Ian's analysis. Where his point might actually be reinforced would be by dropping the term cheap. It may be comparatively cheap for us now, living in an all mod con westernised society, but projecting that back onto Jesus' words is rarely helpful.

    Though I don't have any stats to hand, I was always led to believe that it was a much more expensive commodity, making the comment about throwing it underfoot somewhat parallel to throwing pearls before swine.

  2. That's an interesting thought - and actually - it was one that I did consider when I read it the first time. I guess it can help us consider it from a different perspective today - but you're right - at the time it would have been totally different. Good point. :)


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