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Sunday, 8 January 2012

The one with more salt

It occurred to me a few hours after posting my last blog that I may have rushed past a rather key point.

The post spoke about Christians being salt, and the necessity of getting out of the salt grinder in order to be effective in the world; after all, if the salt remains locked away in the grinder, its saltiness is pointless.

However, upon reflection, I feel I may have skimmed over something rather important. 

Woman carrying salt to prepare
I looked at the salt inside the clear glass grinder and considered the work that had taken place already.  You see, whilst I am pretty clueless in the whole area of salt preparation, the limited knowledge I do have tells me that the salt crystals are not simply picked from a tree and put in the container!  The white crystals, composed primarily of sodium chloride (yes, I googled it!) has to go through a rigourous process before being placed on our kitchen tables and sprinkled on our food.

To be honest, the table salt making process is of little interest to me.  So, other than to say, it takes a whole lot of time and effort, I will stop with the salt talk now.

Image Source
But, I do hope to be an effective Christian example to those I meet.  I would love my character, words and actions to propel people to seek Jesus for themselves.  My guess is that this wont just happen; it will require time and effort.  Time spent in the presence of God, allowing him to shape, season and purify and effort as I ensure each day is lived in such a way that this time is created. 

Time and effort - is God asking for more of this?

A short post today, because really, we all know it.  We cannot be effective on our own.  We need God to work in us and through us. We need him to make us 'salty'.


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  1. Impressed with your salt knowledge!! We all need this reminder
    time and effort is so true - if we want more we need to put more in to fill our "salt mill"


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