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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The one with all the rain

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As I neared my destination, I sat in a queue waiting for the traffic lights to change. I stared out the window at the gloomy sky above.  Grey.  Everywhere.  It was miserable and it seemed to descend, not only as rain on the windscreen, but as a blanket of melancholy around my being.  My eyes searched for a glimmer of hope, but it was set to stay.

The lights changed and I pulled away, leaving my depressing thoughts to fall to the ground with the rain.

Yes, it was raining; Yes, it was miserable.  But, it wouldn't last forever!

My life of late has been like a grey day.  It has seemed as though clouds are being blown my way, one after another.  It has been difficult, and the rain has set in.

And yet, I have hope.

Because, behind the clouds, I know I can find the sun.  It doesn't cease to exist when the clouds come, but waits patiently behind, ready to shine through once again.  And the clouds, well, they wont last forever.  Their strength will fade, and soon disappear.

There are times in our lives when God seems distant, and we struggle to see him through our experiences.  We see the confusion, feel the hurt, hear the struggles - when all we really want to know, is that God is there. 

He is. Just as the sun rests behind the clouds on a rainy day, God remains.  He is always there.  He is constant.  He is faithful.  He never changes and will never leave us. 

If life is tough at the moment, can I remind you that God is there.  He knows what you are going through, and he cares.  He hasn't deserted you.  Cling on to the true Hope that can only be found in Jesus. 

The rain will stop, the clouds will pass, and the Son will shine though.

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Hang on in there!


  1. Look for snowdrops Jo, they are a sign of light and blessing at this time of year!

  2. I think this is one of the reasons God has placed us in community - to help one another up when we stumble. Hope your clouds clear soon. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for that great encouragement. When the clouds are there it's so easy to forget that the sun will shine through before long!

  4. yes..sometime God may seem distant...but He never is.....He is as close as we let Him get.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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